Box semitrailer

  • Box Semitrailer

    Box Semitrailer

    The box semitrailer can keep constant temperature for the cargos , which keeps the cargo safer and original untouched . The box material is POLY (polyester )  , which gives the lighter weight of the box , so that the payload will be more for the logisics .  Such trailer is widely used for highway delivery and transportation for supermarket .  All daily products for the market can be packed into such semitrailer . It is easy to maintain and operate , and also high reward for the logistics owner . 

    There are different types on the top of the cabin : closed, push-pull open, tarpaulin rod type, totally open ,  which are easy to operate and meet the diverse and individual requirements of users.

    The series of van semi-trailers are suitable for the transportation of household appliances, textile goods, coal, or sand and stone .
    The van transport semi-trailer has strong bearing capacity, high safety factor, reasonable design, sturdiness and durability, and advanced manufacturing technology.

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