• Car Carrier

    Car Carrier

    Car-carriers we supply can be produced according to the client’s local law and regulatoin . 

    And clients can request how many cars will be loaded for transportation . 

    From 1 unit to 16 units car , as long as the client request , we can meet the demand . 

  • Double Deck Car Carrier

    Double Deck Car Carrier

    The car carrier can be made into different sizes according to customer needs, our production line will make the double deck loading with hydraulic system to carry with 6-8 unit or more for the skeleton car carrier . 

    The frame is welded I-beam, and the entire body is fully automatic submerged arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. After the welding is completed, shot peening is carried out to eliminate welding stress and improve the adhesion of the paint surface, so that the quality is stable and the appearance is more beautiful. 

    The upper chassis can be divided into two or three pieces, and the height can be adjusted by hand chain hoists and hydraulic cylinders. 

  • Pickup Truck Car-Carrier

    Pickup Truck Car-Carrier

    This single deck car-carrier is specially designed and customized for oversieze big pick-up like Ford Series ,, Toyota Series ,  Benz Series , and other brand big SUV cars . It is very welcomed by South East Market , and Russia Market . 

    It can load with 3 units of Pick-up or 4 units common sedans.  With beautiful curve of its body , and strong axle , plus its strengthened steel platform , this single deck car carrier is widely imported by the car dealership or big private company . Besides of load oversize cars , it can also load with 15 Ton daily cargo stuff as we designed and customized for the clients  .  

  • Central Axis Detachable Car Hauler

    Central Axis Detachable Car Hauler

    We can customize the car-carrier in such way to meet the law and regulation for different countries . 

    The central axis detachable trailer can load with 10 units Max. for common cars , which increase the benefit for the logistics companies , and at the same time it is more flexible on loading and unloading of the cars . 

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