Mixer Semitrailer

  • Concrete Mixer Semitrailer

    Concrete Mixer Semitrailer

    1. CNC laser cutting, with small error and high precision; The core components of the hydraulic system (variable plunger pump, quantitative plunger motor, reducer) all adopt well-known brands, with stable transmission and reliable performance.

    2. The tank body adopts central axis positioning fixture for group welding, which effectively guarantees the coaxiality and roundness of different cone sections;

    3. Key processes such as the welding seam of the butt joint of the tank body adopt digital automatic welding, with high production efficiency, good welding seam forming and high quality;

    4. The tank body and parts are subjected to sandblasting treatment to eliminate oil stains and rust on the surface of the parts, creating for spray paint good conditions;

    5. Using primer, halfway, topcoat, and color bar “four sprays and four bakes” spraying process, the paint is bright in color, durable, and customized patterns to meet the different needs of customers;

    6. The vehicle assembly process design is reasonable, the quality control system is rigorous and orderly, and the manufacturing of high-quality products provides a guarantee to the clients .

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