Rear Dump Semitrailer

  • Rear Dump Trailer

    Rear Dump Trailer

    The Rear Dump Trailer we produce can load with 50 Tons ~ 120 Tons . It is widely used in Mining area , and construction area .

    The buckect can be very strong to load with big rocks and gravel and sands , as well as the materials from mining . 

    There is U-shape and Cubic-Shape bucket in our production line .  Different function .  


  • Side Dump Trailer

    Side Dump Trailer

    A side dump trailer offers a great deal of versatility, side dump trailers can haul anything from rip-rap to demolition materials even trees.

    The dump trailer is fantastic for hauling dirt in to road construction projects where you have to dump over a barrier.

    Our trailer has increased capacity in its side dump trailers through adding to its line the Super Cube Dump Body, offering 37-foot capacity in contrast to the company’s standard 34-foot dump body, which we still offers.

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