Warehouse semitrailer

  • Warehouse semitrailer

    Warehouse semitrailer

    Warehouse semi-trailer is a common seen semi-trailer vehicle in consignment stations and express companies because it is necessary and having importatn connection with our daily life .

    The warehouse semi-trailer is used to transport daily goods, such as vegetables, fruits, clothes, electrical appliances and other common necessities.  Besides, such trailer also plays a very important role for power engineering, communication engineering ,and small engineering equipment, they are all transported by warehouse semi-trailer.

  • Cargo Full Trailer / Rear Cargo Trailer

    Cargo Full Trailer / Rear Cargo Trailer

    The cargo full trailer is used for extra or additional cargo that exceed the main loading trailer . It is widely used in short distance transportation which is less than 500 km .

    Most common seen in small town for agriculture products , or construction area for short distance earth moving . Sometimes , also with mining products but not for long distance . 

    The body of such trailer can be adjusted by our production line and can be customized its function with hydraulic system or side walls . It depends on the clients request . 


  • Fence Trailer / Stake Trailer / Side Wall trailer

    Fence Trailer / Stake Trailer / Side Wall trailer

    The fence cargo semi-trailer is designed with a fence structure in the cargo part. Mainly used for the transportation of agricultural products and other light goods for the daily markets. The trailer structure can be with side walls , fence , side gate , side nets , to reduce the tare weight or to increase the stability for the transportation . Our production line can customize the whole body to meet your local logistics law as well as to meet the weight requirement in a convenient way . 

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